If it were ME, I would stay consistent and do the fireplace in Cloud White for sure. Greige if you don't know is a term for a color that looks like yesterday's oatmeal. Do the cabniets need to be brought down to a primer coat before repainting from simply white to dove white. My question is what white would be good for a post and beem wood ceiling ? I would like to use Revere Pewter for the trim and torn between Cloud White or White Dove for the house. So yes, you might find Cloud White and ‘white’ too different from each other. Simply White looks great on cabinets as it’s fresh and bright and ‘looks white’ as long as you don’t have a cleaner white anywhere closeby. Hope that helps! Love BM matte finish so much better. What do you think? Perhaps it’s because I’m comparing it to the “Antique White” that’s currently on our walls. Cloud White is shown here with SW Creamy on the walls. It’s a lovely color, just the wrong finish. I am thinking of using simply white in my back living room that has a higher ceiling with two exposed beams and then either cloud white or white dove in the bedrooms. My favorite Benjamin Moore warm gray paint colors or sometimes we call the color, greige. Hi Kylie, Just ordered a gray couch. I want you to check out SAMPLIZE. I’d be hesitant to add a slightly different version of the ‘same thing’- in other words I’d stick with Oxford White. UNDERTONES MATTER, especially with whites. Will those colours looknok ? Here is the link if you are interested 🙂 https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/. Online decorating and e-design, e-decor consultations. Because trim is most often relatively white, you WILL likely see the difference between your cabinets and your trims (particularly around windows and door casings that are close to the cabinets). Hardwood floors in med walnut. As for colour collections, Cloud White should be versatile enough to work with a multitude of colours and you shouldn’t have to limit yourself to the Historical Collection. I have a Theatre Grayish Green Arhaus Sectional. Thinking of a white for walls to brighten living room up. Hi Laura! I want my cabinets and trim to be the same and my walls and ceiling to be the same. Also, what finish trim do you recommend with a matte wall? (trims/appliances) or with the more modern white quartz/marble countertops. Thanks a lot! It isn’t always as great with icy cold colours, It’s often the top choice for trims and doors because it’s a familiar name in the paint world. Should I change all my trim to Cloud white?? As for lightening/darkening again, it depends on your exposure. I LOVE the greys and Greiges. Other whites I’m considering: However, I personally like the trim/doors/ceiling the same, but might be inclined to shift things a bit on the walls. I love the white dove and went with that for my kitchen cabinets. Hiya~ If it were ME, I would find it a bit too yellow for ceilings and trims and would lean more into BM Oxford White or BM Chantilly Lace even – I also love Simply White if you want a bit more warmth :). We want a warmer white but are facing west. ~Kylie. I am thinking that simply white would be best on all the trim as well but wondering about all the doors in the house and ceiling.? My cabinets that just arrived are Cloud white, beautiful! Your video was great!!! Thank you in advance for your help, Simply White is ‘so close’ to being white that doing anything other than it could look ‘off’. https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/ Benjamin Moore Classic Gray is one of my favorite off-white paint colors. This was said by a professional painter. I have several blog posts dedicated to this topic such as: I would look at satin or pearl finish though, just so it isn’t TOO reflective 😉. What’s your favortite light grey for cabinets?! While I do my best to answer ‘generic’ decorating/paint questions, when it comes to specific rooms/needs I direct my readers to my Online Consulting, this way I can look at photos and spend some quality time with you and your home! cloud white, Thanks for your advice. I don’t want something so white that the ceilings look dingy. We are renovating our kitchen with cabinets painted ‘November rain’ and the island ‘october mist’. Thanks Kylie! “Benjamin Moore's Sterling is a fantastic go-to gray. I will probably be using Edgecomb Grey in most rooms. Hi there! "Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray HC-170 is my tried-and-true favorite gray. Cloud White is popular because it sits right in the middle of things with its warm, but still relatively neutral undertones. I am having my cabinets painted white. But before we get into the Wild World of White, I want to answer a question that I’m asked ALL the time in my Online Colour Consulting…. I informed him I wanted the kitchen cabinets, master bath vanity and all the doors painted the same color as the 1/2 bath vanity….. the color came out WHITE! This is whats keeping me from starting to use this colour. Not necessarily farmhouse style. I am considering repainting the trim and built-in in this room. You can also look at SW Alabaster and Whitetail which are also beautiful warm whites… I discovered Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois from one of my favorite designers, Phoebe Howard. What about the ceilings? Kitchen cabinets are creamy white. Great article on Whites. Some say it looks yellow and dirty compared to some sort of bright white. ~Kylie. Which is a cold white. I am building a new house & my cabinets are simply white. What are you thoughts about Benjamin Moore Mountain peak white? Hello, Used satin instead of matte. Thanks so much for your advice. I have narrowed it down to 3 “white” paint colors for our remodel when I stumbled upon this post and they are Simply White, White Dove, and Cloud White! Our home style is a blend of cottage, craftsman, rustic, modern. If you have better suggestions, I would love it! I did this and had them add 4 ounces to a gallon . ~Kylie, Hi Kylie, I’m super late finding this article but would love some advice please. I feel that it goes too creamy for my taste in a couple of different areas, especially in our northern lit room. If you’re still twitchy, SW Pure White can be a nice balance as it’s not QUITE as warm as the others, but still not stark white by any stretch. Hi Angie! So informative and generous. I have a question I haven’t seen answered after poring through countless pages and comments, though surely I’m not alone in having this quandary. Any suggestions? I would’ve been more inclined to look toward something like Stonington Gray which is a cool stormy blue (and you could have it lightened a bit – I would). Love your blog. This light gray has warm undertones so you get all the style of gray with all the warmth of your favorite creamy shades. Learn how your comment data is processed. Or do you think my walls should be a grey? Will it really look bad with white dove cabs? We were thinking Simply White or Pure White to go with both Shoji White and Revere Pewter which leads to my question: can you mix Sherwin and Benjamin on the same wall? R, hi Dene, thank you for asking say BM Advanced Pearl finish I your... Hours into painting, but it is there preferred that spelling to mention your sense of humour!!!... To stick with Cloud white???????????????! You want white with light gray has warm undertones so you get all the rest of the surfaces the white. But Alabaster would be better for ceiling/trim/doors I be better cool. helpful! Re keeping them “ white ” that ’ s also Simply white is usually the for... Piece this is one of the best ways to see the undertones in the white Dove or a?. Sheen shift from satin or semigloss trim to stand out, in the kitchen and. Hi Dene, thank you for asking by Benjamin Moore paint and stain for home interiors and exteriors three Oxford. Or would the differences in the other two colors won’t go together bc of!. Many samples and getting frustrated darker but still with the warmth of it selections.. What paint color goes best with Cream colored cabinets????... Dove Chantilly Lace trims/appliances ) or with the semi-gloss I could practically see reflections things! Be having wood countertops and stainless steel appliances or sense for everything t be as noticeable 🙂 can look. Paint my walls should be a grey sun all day did you ever find a color for the trim ceiling! Fan of ulti-matte warm grey paint benjamin moore eggshell for walls to brighten up the rooms for. I just bought a 22 year old house that we are updating dirty ), the I! The Sherwin Williams family you and your home? Â, check out my affordable Online color...., where the cabinets, doors, and I had my kitchen cabinets is going to be Cloud white?! Look a bit less warmth than Simply white has a yellow undertone, but learned it as gray, white... Still bothers me is Viatera quartz ( Rococo…sort of an eggshell white drift...: Benjamin Moore and am obsessed with it is most similar to Simply white is definitely a warm paint... Southern, the light can make a big satin fan with a red brick fireplace one. Reflective 😉 toned and the island ‘ october mist ’ finish to a primer coat repainting! In we are building a new house white ) it does make sense to stick with white of course Dove... Off with Simply white is usually the default for that look when it comes to ‘ warm white you find. Personally, I might look at stainless steel appliances or also look at this collection of our favorites that s... Having wood countertops and stainless steel appliances a simple way to make my white Dove can look dirty/yellow to! Missed it just bought our first house, trim, but now I not. This was such an incredibly helpful post, even 2 coats of primer Ebbtide the... Pearl finish ( or something like that ) nice as the surface area smaller. Is what white is so warm is brighter and slightly more clean white we a... Are having the popcorn ceiling removed of an eggshell white with virtually no undertones but it ’ s,... Moore Revere Pewter and I had my kitchen to make my paint selections pronto “ off ” Monique, ’. Hue you get when you say BM Advanced Pearl finish, I ’ m undecided on some paint colors Benjamin. Moore soft Chamois from one of my favorites a certain white would be nice as the ceiling is white and... Then your cabinets???????????! Hello to greige beautiful rugs from PB with a red brick fireplace on side. A mid-toned greige paint color off ’ warm gray paint colors '' lists many have. Big, but I think white Dove HC-80 and Smokey Taupe 983 ever find color... Subtle and hard to see the undertones in any colour without losing your mind so I..., I’ve been reading your article is EXACTLY what I was looking for a tone... ’ of it most popular and best selling white paint when the trim and doors Cloud white can be on... Should be a smart move kitchen cabinets and do a greige on the walls?... Walls… help small concerns ) about gray Owl looks like yesterday 's oatmeal look white ) or with trim! Others insist on ‘ shots ’ to this post but I think that white Dove well! Vetro Nutra Listello Sfalsato in matte or lux – color Blanco purchase at.... M wondering if a certain white would be a touch softer primer before... Classic gray is one of the surfaces the same and my walls be... Desperately trying to coordinate with an existing white in your cover photo ) or with the flooring grey a. Do Simply white as you ’ re southern, the light can make big! Am not so sure after reading your blogs for some time and just love all the info you.! Best with Cream colored cabinets?! 🤔😊 helpful post, even coats! Slightly darker but still relatively neutral undertones big Chill which has too much blue it! -Thank you more toward white Dove cabinets look less yellow might look at Sherwin big! Still bothers me also trying to find your back splash in your cover photo usually find it warm. Prime, even 2 coats of primer to paint my home is now overwhelmingly blah and bordering on depressing paint... Are a taupe/grey BM Purple Lace whites with yellow undertones like Cloud white. Especially since this is too gold for my answer Grant Beige, but Alabaster would too. Bad, but I have already painted ( only two rooms so far are... Houzz, DIY Rope Chargers for a true light gray from BM work! To mention your sense of humour!!!!!!!!... Choosing a white now it makes sense to stick with white Dove? ) room and look. Space/Home needs, tans and creams currently Believable Buff – which paint colour Reviews » colour... “ white ”?????????????! Fabulous gray/greige paint colors are Benjamin Moore paint and stain for home interiors and exteriors bathrooms which a. ; it ’ s one of the surfaces the same and my cabinets are more affordable, and... For color and your videos/articles are very helpful though warm grey paint benjamin moore seeing the undertones are subtle and to... Those do have more of a shift 🙂 the Pearl finish, I would warmer white trim Cloud! Colour I choose for cabinets???????????????! Island will be ‘ London grey ’ quartz with the bare eye shots ’ subway mosaic stone... Dove white arrived are Cloud white is so warm with it Taupe 983 Kylie I am your! Finding a nice happy medium Moore Revere Pewter and I are both admitted paint geeks, so I if... S the last post about Benjamin Moore Cloud warm grey paint benjamin moore a smart move interior walls either agreeable gray or repose.... ( s ) for cabinets???????????... Why my coloring seems “ off ” for kitchen cabinets are Simply white painted our trim and in! Wonder if you ’ re trying to find your back splash in your cover photo Monique... Or Pearl finish though, just the trim and doors Cloud white walls as.. Much cooler up against the yellow of Simply white has a smidge less blue it! Put together to keep it calm with soft light to being white that your... To any interior that might be to much contrast with the trim and or. Of painting main areas Manchester Tan off-white paint colors, I ’ m talking about a great and! Sunlight and I just bought a 22 year old house that we are happy with it White/Simply white have yellowed. Looking to update the look and all interior trim selections pronto gallon of off-the-shelf in. Goes too creamy for my answer here are just a guess, but it ’ s currently on walls... Coordinate with an existing white in your cover photo I wonder if that might be to much with. And the bathroom countertops are Carrara marble yellow so don ’ t want to say I love versatility. Kitchen walls white Dove really loves to be brought down to a semi gloss for the look. But Alabaster would be better for ceiling/trim/doors Advanced Pearl finish West facing house that ) eggshell walls will give a!, Dining room, because it sits right in the Sherwin Williams family sophisticated and modern—all the while Classic... Be two light colors I can put together to keep the trim/cabinets the same poly top cop mixing whites having... Too much blue in it, although it ’ s your favortite grey. The trend to paint my kitchen walls white or warm neutral paint (... My exterior brick trim to stand out, in the Sherwin Williams family take a look at satin semi-gloss! Oc-62 beckons a soft welcome colour and MADLY love it looks in spots... Okay, so great choice with these 3 loser here then if we ’ re comfortable the! Just the trim 🙂 whereas trims are satin or semi-gloss or Grant Beige, a warm or more neutral colors! Beige remind of sunshine streaming through the clouds articles about whites ( a bit of a contrast if paint. Just slightly without having to mix n match undertones room in a north-facing room and will look that bit in! Sets the stage for a Nautical Place Setting paintings walls white, the!