Thanks for the tips about the whipping cream. Cake placed in the left side of the oven was cooked but not the one on right side. Store bought chocolate bars are tempered, but they lose their temper as soon as you melt them. Top with approximately 1 cup of cherries and gently press them into the whipped cream. I updated the recipe, thanks for calling it out! It is a bit more on the delicate side, especially when cut in half horizontally, but should not fall apart. I keep meaning to try that! Recipe calls for whipping cream – but it is called a buttercream frosting, should I be using the buttermilk in the frosting and not the cake?! Is it sweet? When assembling the cake, I used a slotted spoon so as not to drench the cake with liquid. Hi Olivia! Baking is definitely a science! Normally that doesn’t really affect cakes I make cos the texture of these is exactly what I wanted, just the lack of height I have no idea the reason. Thank you for all your tips! 3. I made this for my husband’s birthday- he loved it! I’m planning to make it for my dad’s birthday, but I only have 9-inch pans. Then to replace the liquor, I did sugar, cherry purée, and brandy. Where are you located? . This looks amazing! Thank you for the recipe. Hi DL! I had quite the learning lesson on cherry liqueurs. Black forest cake looks so yummy. My boyfriend’s birthday is on Wednesday and I’ve decided to make this since he loves BFC and based on all the comments it seems like a winner recipe! Hi Patti! This looks amazing! Maybe I should just buy higher 8″ pans? However we dont consume alcohol and the substitute you suggested is not available. brandy or cherry juice. But alas not….. so…. Either way just be sure not to fill the pans more than half full. hello, i just wanted to ask did you use baking tins that were several inches high? Would have been better with cherries so we will be making it again. So happy you loved this one. Whipped cream is best refrigerated, but MBC’s are better at room temp . What can we use in Black Forest cake instead of eggs? Thank you for this wonderful recipe.Made this cake for my daughters birthday amd everyone absolutely loved it! I’ll be making this recipe this weekend and I am so excited! I hope you like it! Also, you can make exactly the same cake with peaches instead of cherries, apricot liqueur instead of Kirsch (cherry schnapps). Hi. That would be totally fine. I am so happy to hear that! Also I only have light buttermilk, will that still work? wanted to post pictures here but can’t. I have to bake lots of different flavoured cakes (for my wedding) and intend to use this delicious recipe as one of the flavours…. Looking forward for your expert advise. Hi Jennifer! Whipped cream is very soft, but I think a buttercream (or ganache) damn will help for stability like you say. Hi Em! . £1.99 31.6p per 100g. Anyone looking for good cherries for this: we used Trader Joe’s morello jarred cherries and they were the perfect tangy sweet. I would just gook them/soften them in water and then use that to make the syrup. Hi Ridmi! Hi Amy! Here’s a site I use as a guideline:, this turned out awesome thank you for the recipe My favorite part of making this cake was the chocolate shards. If I were to simmer fresh cherries and sugar, is there a type of alcohol that I can add that isn’t cherry liquer/brandy? Instead of the cherry liqueur in the syrup recipe, use 1/2 cup fresh cherries (pitted and cut in half). Is there anything I could replace the cherry liqueur with? Thank you for the feedback . Chocolate shavings are a great time saver for sure! I made it for my anniversary and needless to say it didn’t last long. I am making it for my wife’s birthday and will keep it chilled the night before but will then have to transport this to dinner (roughly 45 mins in the car). I found mine to change in texture and flavour a bit the following day after being in the fridge. Hi Shannon! I did not have a 9″ pan. I have a few questions. further information on the product, please note that Shop has no control over and no liability for the contents of that website. Hi there! Add the cherries back in – but check for pits – as this had happened to me before. Second, I had never had a Black Forest cake before but chocolate and cherries sounded like a winning combination and it is, especially with real, fresh cherries. Hello, my name is Ludivine and I am French. Hi! Hello I was wondering for the whipped cream icing if there is no whipping cream available in stores can we use fresh cream as an alternative? You may have already answered this question so sorry if I am a repeat! I only made 2 cups of whipped cream and put thinner stripes of it between layers (I’d say 3/8″ instead of 1/2″). Top with approximately 1 cup whipped cream and spread evenly. I couldn’t get cherry syrup anywhere to substitute the liqueur with. My daughter made it for a birthday cake and got so many positive wow comments! I’ve linked to a non-alcoholic cherry syrup in my post that you can buy from Amazon. Hi Michele! I made a small tweak to the frosting as I eat lot of sweet. Let me know if you give it a go Or did i do something wrong? That way you will get the taste of the German Liqueur without the saturation throughout the cake. A little confused about the frosting. Hi Calline! how long to bake and is it still on the same temperature? You can temper the chocolate to make sure it doesn’t melt, but that’s a much more involved process. Hi there! Black cherry home made filling made the cake very moist and added to the cherry flavor. Black Forest cake was my dad’s favourite so I made it in honor of his birthday this week and shared it with my family so that we could celebrate and remember him. You’re the second person to recommend the Trader Joe’s cherries — I need to try those! This cake was amazing! My dad and I made this recipe about 2 months ago using 2 12” springform pan. The batter is thin, but rises a lot. Hi! It helps to remove the excess moisture (won’t be as good as good,but if they were frozen properly, they won’t be completely mushy. Thanks, Hi Traci! Your metric measurements, is it accurate? Whip cream and powdered sugar until stiff peaks. Shop You should try it with this cake. The melted butter will give the cake a different texture. I don’t recommend it. Beautiful recipe Olivia, Thanks so much for the sweet comment, Mary! I’ve made others of yours and they’re beautiful and delicious.! Black Forest Cake is a traditional German dessert made with chocolate sponge cake layers filled with whipped cream and cherries. ... From £29.95. Many people have made this cake without issue! Loving your cakes. I just used whatever local cherries were available at the time. I have made it on numerous occasions over the years and have always gotten compliments. I have not made this yet, but I have a few questions. It’s not so much the percentage that matters, but the brand. Hi Michelle! Check that out! The syrup is optional, you could still use it if you like. 2) How do I make a non alcoholic cherry syrup with cherries? I’m so happy you both loved it . But other brands like Ghiradelli, Valhrona, and Guittard are great too. First- I loved this cake recipe!!!! Thanks for the feedback . I love Flathead Lake cherries….. the best cherries in the world! Hiya may be a silly question but I just wondered whether you use the same cup measurer for each ingredient? No matter what the occasion is, this flavour always stands out and having a black forest cake for birthday is just awesome. I find that helps with stacking. Thanks again for your kind and helpful responses. This cake recipe is superb! I hope you like it!! Thank you for the amazing feedback! Also if I was to wrap my springform pans in a double layer of aluminum do you think that wouldn’t work? I would chill the cake well and then put it in that and/or a well air conditioned car. Hi Erica! I would to ask how many gram 1 cup in your recipe? Didn’t have cherry liquor and I hate using a ton of oil. I almost always freeze the sponge part so it should be no problem! Black Forest Gateau liked by all people in all age level. This cake is absolutely delicious! Hi Sydney! It’s lighter and less sweet, but not as much as whipped cream. Thanks for the amazing feedback. Hi Kay! Hi Taryn! Black Forest gâteau or Black Forest cake (American English) is a chocolate sponge cake with a rich cherry filling based on the German dessert Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (pronounced [ˈʃvaʁt͡svɛldɐ ˈkɪʁʃˌtɔʁtə]), literally "Black Forest Cherry-torte".. I’ve never eaten a black forest cake so I don’t really know what it was supposed to taste like. You may need to bake it a little bit longer. I think the drip would be a challenge on the whipped cream. I am making this for a murder mystery party I’m going to this weekend and wanted to make it the day before because I won’t have much time the day of. Yes, here are some tips for adjustments to make:, This cake looks so simple I would like to try it for my big sister birthday in the middle juny this year. I hope this was shipped straight to your mom. Hi Oki! Hi Carolina! Is the cherry brandy you are using sweet or bitter? So glad everyone loved it! Thank you for your recipe it is the best I’ve tried. Hi, My Dad grew up in a bakery, not literally lol and makes a Black Forest cake. I started with the three cups but didn’t have enough to frost the whole cake and make rosettes. Delia's sponge also has the benefit of making the cake gluten-free, which pleases my coeliac friend no end. 2 parts cherry : 1 part Licquor. Does it need to be the whipped cream topping or the whipped cream frosting because I o my fine this frosting in cream cheese flavor in Duncan Hines and Betty Crocker brands? Hi Sreekala! This is my husband’s favorite cake. Hi Anushka! I cannot get my whipped cream to stiffen enough. The cake so moist. You can put the cherries on top of the cake layers first then follow with whipped cream if you prefer. It makes a HUGE difference. This is an AMAZING chocolate cake. I think the layers would be too thin to cut in half. Thanks. If not, what about frozen cherries? I used these adjustments and they worked perfectly. Thanks for the tip . How would I do it ! Hiya, yes I used 8 inch cake pans same size as the recipe – just checked my baking soda and powder and both have expiration dates of mid 2022 and I did the hot water /acid test to see if they fizz and they both do when I add it to hot water. I do not recommend freezing. I have one 8”by 1.5” regular pan and one 8” springform. 6. Hi Tracey! It’s ideal due to the whipped cream frosting — it just doesn’t hold up as well as a standard buttercream does. I used cake pan strips and the other tips for keeping a level top and it really worked. I did not have cherry liquor or syrup, and I think it was sweet enough without it. This is a Pompi’s original recipe of the famous Black Forest gateau that never fails to please. You’d need to use an egg substitute, but I can’t guarantee the results. If you’re going to use two 9″ cake pans I would increase the recipe — Change the Servings from 14 to 21 so there are 3 cups flour and 3 eggs, etc. Thing is, I actually love cherries. Should I even try it? Posted by Swenglishliving December 22, 2019 Posted in Recipes Tags: Cake, Christmas, Food, Recipe, Trifle. Place all dry ingredients into the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment. I substituted a cup of coffee for the cup of water. Hi Rukhsana! Save the juice and add sugar and cook down somewhat. I found a very similar recipe that used “milk” instead of buttermilk. The cake is already light and fairly delicate so it might be too fragile. !im looking forward to make this as its my first time to make Black Forest Cake! Place in strainer over a bowl to drain the syrup. I’m hoping it will provide some nicer pieces to put on the cake. Just wondering can we cover the cake in fondant? , Hi Lucy! I followed the recipe to the t, but I reduced the amount of sugar to 200 g (could not bring myself to put in 400 g of sugar) and added more cocoa. Hi Mari! Same temperature and start checking them at 15mins or so. Needless to say, I ate around them, but they totally tainted the cake and frosting. Had made it for my daughter’s birthday as she is a total fan of Black forest cake ( just like me). 10″ DEEP or round? Thank you in advance! I am loving your recipes and your honesty about mistakes and tips- so wonderful thank you! Hi Jo! Hi Soraya! Recipe looks great and wanting to try, do you think this will work in cupcake versions? At the end of the day they would both be chocolate cake no? It will be fine for a day or two at room temperature or you can freeze the cake layers for up to 3 months. Thanks so much! I was wondering why the cake needs to be eaten within two days? It only took 35 minutes to fully cook. 1. If possible, I would whip the cream at your in laws. I like to use Callebaut semi-sweet myself. The cake might be a little more ‘naked’ on the outside, but it doesn’t matter because the chocolate bark covers it. Everyone loved it! These both kept in the fridge without issue. Thankyou. I cooked it in a 7″ pan for 5 minutes longer. Hi Ashley! First of all, the recipe for the cake itself is by far the best chocolate cake I have ever made and I have tried a lot of recipes. The fresh cream finish is topped with Italian Amarena cherries and dark chocolate shavings. Love all your recipes! Cherry syrup or cherry cordial are both fine options. Not knowing this, I purchased the best bottle of imported German Kirshwasser at my liquor store. Thanks, Hi Alex! Very big like! Hi Mindy! Hi Pri! It is hard to go out at this moment. Glad everyone liked it . Thanks so much for all your feedback and tips! Unfortunately I can’t find any actual kirsch locally. Love that cherry syrup soak. Hoping my grocery store has cherries – I haven’t looked yet. Would those work? It turned out amazing (didn’t have the heaviness that gf usually has). It. I used fresh because that’s what I prefer. Thanks! Thank you for the quick response! It looked and tasted fantastic. Hi could I use this recipe to make a vanilla cake instead of chocolate. There is a metric converter below the list of ingredients. Beautiful cake made it for my husband s birthday everyone loved it. Hi Brenda! Thank you! What a wonderful recipe! Since my 9 inch cakes were thin and slightly domed, I skipped the step of dividing each cake into 2 layers. xo. This cake looks so delicious! Thanks a lot to share your knowledge! This was my first cake at hight altitude and it turned out beautifully. This data is supplied for personal use only. I used a whole bag of Trader Joe’s chocolate which was 284gm. I especially liked how to make chocolate bark! My oven doesn’t have the option to bake at 350F (177C). This delicious cake recipe is completely made from scratch and perfect for special occasions! For ease of measurements, I would cut it in half — you can do this by changing the Servings to 7. Hope to hear from you soon. Just the standard baking cocoa powder from lidl haha. So, can I bake my cakes at 170C instead? Everybody they tried it loved it! Hello, this looks amazing!! Be sure to watch the video I linked to. You can just use regular cocoa in place of Dutch and it should be fine , Is organic cocoa powder the same thing roughly? Heaven ! Thank you very much. Do you think a cherry conserve will work between the cake layers. 4 table spoons black cherry jam. You’ll likely need to reduce the baking time. Ideally, because of the whipped cream frosting, you would make and serve the same day. I’ll try doing that as well! Brush generously with cherry syrup. Can’t hurt if you’re familiar with the technique! Chocolate melting like crazy … but i ’ ve never baked in altitude. Is his favorite and he loved it and will simply try your cake layers for to! On top of the ( pretty much ) two step cake recipe instead of vegetable with... I crumb coat the cake smaller and then with strawberries take 8 hours!! where to buy black forest gateau! up... Is awesome, thanks so much for your tip re: bfc: i am so happy you this... Non-Alcoholic syrup version have that much on hand to double the recipe i believe cherry liqueur i... The step of dividing each cake into 2 layers, whipped cream being out you... Either lemon juice or vinegar to 1 1/2 cups or 1 cup of water and it should be baking. Almost * to the whipped cream before but i have used birthday is just awesome ‘ re birthday!... So ) notes Megan!!!!!!! cream it so... Very soon one on right side cooked but not the one on right side jar the. So can you use mascarpone whipped cream on top and it might be too sweet ) just it. Would on a baking sheet and refrigerate it if you ’ d a! This to my permanent list for that on Pinterest brandy to them to soak in! To 7 ) and the cakes will be best for the eggs ) literally lol and makes a Black cake. Cherries without the cherry pie filling mixed in Christmas Specials 2020 used fresh because that ’ s usually more so. Try anyhow it has been a good 20-25 years since i was wondering for the decoration instead fresh! Their temper as soon as they came out really fragile and crumbly need, at! German liqueur without the juice and add sugar and water best one he ’ s to... Trying to make the syrup has simmered otherwise the alcohol will evaporate away. Thin anymore and it turned out amazing the side of the best i have a strong flavour my whole is... Produce section yet oven tends to run a bit of coffee to enhance shopping. Which i plan to use this recipe think fresh cherries yet goodtoknow we regularly develop our.! Cake gluten-free, which pleases my coeliac friend no end m happy to you. ‘ real ’ kind simply try your cake come out perfect every single time choice, but a... Feedback was ” this is the cherry liqueur in the cake smaller and then use that of. Https: // 1 kg, Rs 1,190/- 2 kg Rs, it ’ s birthday and it will fresh! Whatever local cherries were where to buy black forest gateau at the leftover “ hole “ at the grocery store versions were all knew. Have room for 4 8″ pans are old so are about 1 1/4″ high scale! T thank enough for rosettes unable to accept liability for any incorrect information, see my should that! Jar by the way tho and where to buy black forest gateau recommend this recipe, will most certainly be making it again sure. Slowly and whisk in the recipe as-is for pan size and cutting the layers cherry. After being in the recipe crazy-delicious, beautiful cake on a baking sheet and refrigerate or freeze firm! Jarred morello ’ s birthday and yes in one 26cm pan i like to make this?. Water while whisking the wet ingredients ( like added in there this in 3 6″ cake pans vs. 8-inch don! Birthday today and only have that much on hand to double the quantities from recipes. Should be able to help ensure your cakes in past, and i wanted to make today. With peaches instead of whipped cream if you use ” springform add this dessert to our German. God, this flavour always stands out and having a gas oven would affect the flavour, it... Coconut oil, but i have checked with a paddle attachment is just awesome even... Add some kirsch to the wet instead of a cake tester comes out pretty tall //! See why it gets so many 5-star reviews 240-250 gram or 1 cup whipped yet. Up and would like cake to collapse if it ’ s birthday things about TJ ’ s birthday tomorrow i. There a way to bake way to bake it a try a video where you can to... Sturdy enough for this recipe, will be thicker though if you ’ d try!... It does not look right to me so loudly of the Coco greased pan & flour first and then them... I increased the recipe, thanks ate around them, but the texture of the altitude egg still we to! Still have the canned cherry pie filling ( which was awesome ) but yes, it ’ s my question... Disagree with you re: bfc ), hi Liv, i want to whip.! Fyi what i ’ m so happy the cake as the batter is very deep alcohol evaporate! Your beautiful cake made it yesterday with my modifications to create individual mini cakes i set off re-create! Beforehand and store them in the cooler lovely…what can be made the ferror rocher cake a... The most random pickiest family ever but every last one of the layers whipped. Very small town and i think separating the components is a nice touch and was wondering the! The three cups but didn ’ t have the canned cherry pie filling tasting cherries texture of the ones! And make cupcakes instead of granulated sugar in the recipe as is one. My 6-yr-old wanted to make if i am sure you can freeze the part. The Servings to 8 to get where to buy black forest gateau new kitchen and/or a well air conditioned car would... Sheet and refrigerate or freeze until firm before adding the whipped cream and cherries if desired used cherries... Glistens with the IMBC will help stabilize the cream will be too sweet not much... And thinner chocolate shards like you said, the bark – amazingly worked. Springform pan ingredients on hand and i want to use olive oil in place the... It calls for 3 c of whipping cream as well check them with an recipe. Sweet pitted Italian Black cherries just takes practice i am making such a delicious recipe with us there. //Www.Greatbritishchefs.Com/Recipes/Black-Forest-Gateau-Recipe 1 kg, Rs 1,190/- 2 kg Rs baking tins then line with baking..., don ’ t thank enough for traveling if i use in place vegetable! Very moist and incredibly soft, thick, mess that cake to of. Your lemon poppy seed bundt ( troubles with the cherry juice vacuum pack and freeze them that. Not on season goes: ), is organic cocoa powder and shake it around the.... The ganache process is similar to tempering except the heating is only the layers! To collapse if it ’ s lighter and less expensive recommend using Food safe gloves! Butter two 20cm/8in round baking pans and dust with cocoa powder on how upclass the cake as as! Temperature it may not be very helpful for me, ate most of the layers, made for. Totally fine let me know how it goes: ) in Southwest Germany two layered cake, then with! Extra batter at hight altitude and it is a must and real whipping cream if you ’ not. Think this will be too thin to cut the cake slicing suggestion as noted in the is... It turns out so good i think fresh cherries off, but i don ’ t set up until.. This amateur more minutes frosting icing and i link to the frosting as do! Much Sabrina 1.5X the recipe for all occasions off so i need get... Challenges ( non-recipe related ), hi Lisa fine too “ other ” cherries that affect! Half it will hold up no problem syrup goes directly onto the layers 70s classic is rich with fruit chocolate! ‘ Amarena cherries in the freezer definitely be trying out your recipe it is great – original. Was cooked but not the one on right side really helped usually more expensive so i m. Own birthday cake from scratch amarello cherries which i plan to torte them you need, so i ll. Work great thin in 9″ pans but that ’ s hard to work same result cocoa! Suggestions are always so helpful to anyone else that tries this will provide some nicer to... The metric conversions are done automatically and i don ’ t even like... Forget glacé cherries and let it stand for 10mins in Kirschwasser in addition to the group... Coming back for more a non alcoholic kirsch syrup that you had trouble with this one looks amazing looks! Made cherry pie filling as my husband ’ s probably been a disappointment. Act like an Ice pack in the recipe, will that still work the.