In case the aperture has not so tight tolerances and the blades do not align correct (I have seen this in older Sigma and Jupiter lenses) the sunstars may become a little deteoriated, meaning one streak is longer than another. We all know about the terribly misaligned infinity stop at most of the Samyang lenses (on my copy of the 14 mm E-mount you have to set the focus at ca. Contax Zeiss Planar 1.4/50 und 1.8/50): etwa wie Bokina. But these older ultra wide angle lenses for M mount were not optimized for use on a digital sensor. I want to get a 10-stop ND filter for this lens, though I’m unsure which one to get. I use both Lightroom and Capture One Pro for my post processing. I am not interested in reviewing the dinky Samyang AF lenses, sorry! The optical formula of both V3 versions is the same. In case size doesn’t bother you there are better options available. The small f/4.5 aperture is not ideal for low light photography but as I conclude in my astrophotography review, it actually exceeded my expectations for low light shooting, producing some very high quality, aberration free photographs of the Milky Way, something I did not expect. It makes some images in which you can get lost just from the sheer amount of detail all the way from the foreground to the background. I once tried the Panasonic LX100 which uses a m43 sensor. or all I am getting is EXIF info. I’m somewhat frustrated right now since I can’t find any answers. The VM-E close-focus adapter is a beautiful piece of kit and with the 15mm M-mount it’s a great combination. Do you think it will be likely that CV will make a 15mm f2 or similar? The fixed hood may disappoint some users because it prevents the possibility of mounting a square filter systems like my Formatt Hitech 85mm filter holder. At moderate apertures like f/11, the large depth of field allows for easy walk around hyperfocal shooting and tack sharp landscapes from the closest foreground details all the way out to horizon and beyond. Bug in the Sony A7R2 list the last lens used when switching to manual, non-electrical lens. A backpackable ultra wide angle lens? Did I mention that this lens is wide? Dans la pratique le Voigtländer 15mm est très agréable à utiliser et donne de très bon résultats. You can also use S mode but the camera won’t be able to change the aperture. Thanks (aus Berlin)! The optical formula is the same, but there are some handling improvements when using the E-Mount version. If you’re looking to adapt a Leica M mount lens to your Sony a7 series camera (or any mirrorless camera), try out the Hawks adapter, it’s excellent. We camped though rain and snow on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona. Kelso Dunes, Mojave National Preserve, CA. A rainbow/wave-like striation which is visible on the sky. It’s also possible to adapt lenses originally designed for DSLRs, but most of the ultra wide angle DSLR lenses available (e.g. You can unsubscribe any time, and your email will remain safe with us. – weight I still have the Laowa 15mm 4.0 macro review sample for sale . Working distance is like 1″ on this setup! 15mm / F 4,5 Super Wide Heliar III; These lenses are very high quality, all metal construction, direct-manual focus lenses (not focus by wire) that have the same buttery smooth, perfect tension mechanical focus mechanism of the legendary Carl Zeiss lenses and a manual aperture ring. Thanks in advance for your prompt response. Using the adapter I was able to shoot a lot of otherwise impossible wide angle close up shots. But the VM15 v2 has HUGE, SIGNIFICANT advantage on the size and weight even with the adapter. Are you familiar with requirements? thank u for the reviews! Did you ask the same question on FM? Sony a7R III Sony a7 III Voigtlander 15mm F4.5 Super Wide Heliar Sony FE 55mm F1.8 Sony FE 28mm F2 +7 more Reply Reply with quote Reply to thread Complain yes there is an infinity hard stop and it is sufficiently exact even for astrophotography wide open. So far, I’ve kept the 15mm Heliar III lens permanently mounted to my a7II for the entire duration of our current road trip across the United States. In case you are looking for better across the frame sharpness at wider apertures or you need a lens with a maximum aperture of 2.8 you are pretty much stuck with adapted DSLR lenses as of today which are also way bigger. The extreme corners steadily improve until f/11, which I think is the best choice for even sharpness across the whole frame. I have a question re: this lens vs. the V.II version (M-mount, using the VM-E adapter on a Alpha 7 (version 1): The cost for the V.II + the close-focus adapter (on Amazon) is only about $100 more then this native E-mount version. I myself had to try three copies of which two were badly decentered. Cosina makes this lens, and Cosina also makes most of the Zeiss lenses used in 35mm and digital still photography. Purple edge Voigtlander 15mm photo . I already tried to get mount it thru two-three different type adapters, but have not get any suitable result. A photo posted by Ian Norman (Lonely Speck) (@inorman) on May 4, 2015 at 2:00pm PDT. copy at a specialist shops in Germany and the copy turned out to have rather bad border and corner performance. I use a pretty cheap adapter, less than $10 and I didn’t see any issue with it. At the extreme corners, there does seem to be some loss of sharpness but I am not sure if this is just some distortion from being such a wide angle or a flaw in the lens. I simply couldn’t help it: I was a man on a mission, and I wouldn’t stop until I succeeded. I personally use a Voigtlander 15mm V2 M mount and it is fantastic on film, more difficult to use with digital, I should need the last versus but like the compact of this versus 2. Before receiving the 15mm Voigtlander, the widest lens I owned for more than a month was a 28mm Leica Elmarit. It’s very sharp, something I don’t usually expect from Voigtländer lenses, it’s very nice to use (seriously, that focusing ring is so smooth it’s almost therapeutic) and it’s really compact, much smaller than I initially expected from the original product photos. I put together a Voigtländer 15mm f/4.5 Heliar III Astrophotography Review where I gathered my thoughts on using this unique (and rather slow) lens for low light shooting and astrophotography over on my night photography blog, Lonely Speck. If you want to buy one, just test it before buying to make sure that you get a good copy … Or buy it with some right of return so that you can test the copy. Voigtländer Heliar 15mm/4.5, a7II, f/4.5, 30s, ISO 1600, Full Resolution (26.1MB). At the time of writing, the lens is in pre-order most places. etc.? The Voigtländer 15mm/4.5 Heliar III is a dedicated full frame lens and should probably only be used on a full frame camera like the Sony a7 series, Leica M rangefinders or even film 35mm rangefinders like the Voigtländer Bessa R Series. Cases where you’ll be using minimum focus distance are probably a little rarer given the extremely wide field of view but in those select cases, it will still throw the background out of focus, especially if you use the lens in conjunction with a helicoid adapter like the Hawks adapter I was using. So the only real negatives would seem to be weight and price. Thanks. Some might argue that it’s compromised by its slow f/number and lack of autofocus but if you’re using it right you’re probably shooting at f/11 for maximum sharpness and depth of field anyways and you’ll never need to change focus from the hyperfocal setting. Most of the lenses did not show clear or just inattractive sun stars. As there are three adapted Voigtlander lenses in my basic A7s-kit – see my reviews – I simply had to try this one out!Last Update: Review finised (new Sample images, Use for astrophotography and Conclusion added) (05/10/16) So Voigtländer SUPER WIDE-HELIAR 15mm III for Sony FE mount is the lens I have been waiting for, along with a native f/2.8 16-35mm. Just for the information of everybody which may be interested in this lens: I just tried a (new!) The lens handles out-of-frame flare perfectly due to its built-in lens hood and when used with the sun in the frame, it produces a very small pair of greenish-blue or rainbow colored flare spots. Native APS-C lenses like the Fujifilm 14mm/2.8, Sony 10-18mm/4, or any of the kit 14-42mm or 14-150mm Olympus lenses, just as an example, are all faster and better suited for their respective APS-C or m4/3 camera systems. I am interested in buying this lense, but I would like to know if you have experience using it with a Sony A7R3 and A7R4 as the sensor of those two cameras need to be coupled with lenses with very good resolution power, especially the A7R4. Not any time soon, no. Use aperture priority or manual mode. Voigtländer 15mm/4.5 Heliar III, a7II, f/11, 1/320th, ISO 100, Full Resolution (18.7MB). Keep in mind though: correcting the vignetting means pushing the corner regions by a few stops, this may lead to visible noise in these areas. Skip to main content. The 4.5/15 also doesn’t take square filters because of the fixed lens hood. I’m curious if you guys have ever tried M43? Overall remarks. At home it hat worked fine. comparison shot at f/11: uncorrected vignetting (before) vs corrected vignetting (after), comparison shot at f/16 (focused at infinity): uncorrected distortion (before) vs corrected distortion (after), Sony A7s | Voigtlander 15 mm 4.5 | f/4.5 | CA 100% crop without correction (before) /corrected with embedded profile (after), extreme corner, very good sharpness and contrast already at maximum aperture (except for the extreme corners), clever implementation of aperture “de-click” feature, extreme corners are a tad soft until f/11, non removable hood (in case you intend to use a slot-in filter system). Kelso Dunes, Mojave National Preserve, CA. My plan now (thanks to your helpful feedback) is to try the V.II version with the cheap adapter, then, if the color casting is too terrible, return it and replace it with the V.III. Sigma Super Wide II 2.8/24, Paragon 2.8/24, Soligor 2.8/28. Voigtlander Heliar 15mm F4.5 Aspherical III, four shot pano. As I wrote on Ians blog I just bought the first version of this lense. It has all the staple high quality Voigtländer traits: all metal construction, a well damped and extremely smooth focusing ring, smooth rotation and positive detents for the aperture ring at half-stop increments, a 10-blade aperture diaphragm, and a very compact design. It was not decentered, the mechanics worked fine, but *all* corners were really bad. Bastian, thank you and your colleagues so much for all the in-deph information, wonderful resources. Thank you very much for all the reviews Mr. Phillip, they are really helpful. Diana and I have visited the steep, seemingly endless Kelso sand dune field in the Mojave National Preserve, California. I would totally recommend placing some small light source at the other end of the room (I have already used an LED Headlamp for this) and mount all the lenses one after another and take a shot at ~f/11 and decide for yourself which rendering you prefer . You won’t regret it for sure! Many of my photos made during the daytime were done this way. In comparison to the older wide angle designs for M-Mount cameras this is really a great performance, you may take a look at the 12mm 5.6 review to get a grasp of the differences. Yep I heard you there, however I have found articles on how folks have mitigated the color cast in post that end up looking pretty good. It’s even alright at shooting the Milky Way. But note one thing: *all* of them were well centred! Really appreciate it! Hi Bastian, In contrary to the Loxia lenses vignetting is not corrected in camera. Especially considering we already have the Laowa 15mm f/2.0. Do you know if this lens will vignette when using one normal (B+W F-pro) 58mm filter instead of a slim one (XS-pro)? Everything but the extreme corners is very good from the start. At f/16 and f/22 the lens starts to lose a bit of sharpness to diffraction but stays useable should you need to maximize depth of field or increase shutter time in brightly lit conditions. How about testing the new Samyang AF 14/2.8 is comparison to this lens? The 15mm Heliar III is a lens that you wouldn’t think twice about bringing with you because it’s so compact. Have got my fingers crossed…. I am finding that the sweet spot is f/11 with f/8 a close second. Especially on corners? Review: Sigma 50mm 1.4 EX – Still worth getting in 2020? Oh, don’t waste your money on some cheap <100$ helicoid adapter (like Quenox), I tried one and it sucked badly in every regard... I’m delighted to hear that you agree Bastian . BTW, actually the canon EF 10-18 and sony E 10-18 APSC lens can be used on the full frame, too. With a maximum aperture of f/4.5 this is not one of the fastest ultra wideangle lenses, but also only one third of a stop slower than e.g. Sure, on a Nikon you can get a sigma 10-20 or a Tokina 12-24 for $500 or so, and get AF. Thank you and you all have a great start into a successful and good new year 2019. Exploring Hydrogen Alpha with the Canon EOS Ra. It shows absolutely none of the color shift problems that plague the older versions of the lens (and most M-Mount wide angle lenses when used on digital). This is coming a bit late but in case you haven’t found out yet, the Sigma SW II 2.8/24 flares quite a bit. Got a question: could you think of a valid lens option to be used for both real state photo and astro? I guess that one lens for each is probably better, but I need to consider budget constraints. Since Fred is a reliable tester, it suggests there is a lot of sample variation. So I’m seriously considering returning my e-mount lens and getting the VM lens instead (with the Voigtlander close-focus adapter). White Sands National Monument, NM. It means the light hits the Sony FF sensor in a more “favorable” way. I’m now consider for 16-35 f4 and this Voigtlander lenses.Could you please suggest which one is shaper? This lens is now also available with Sony E-Mount and while the optical formula is the same as the M-mount version, there are a few advantages  when it comes to the handling of the lens. Depth of field is already tremendous wide open so there’s really no incentive to shoot at any aperture other than f/11 in bright conditions. Above left: Voigtlander Super Wide-Heliar 15mm f/4.5 III Lens (M-Mount, adapted, manual focus) Above right: Sony Zeiss Vario-Tessar T* FE 16-35mm f/4 ZA OSS Lens (E-mount, native) Technical details: I shot both lenses on a Sony A7RII with image stabilization disabled, tripod, self-timer, and silent mode. – EXIF Thanks. Wide open they are a little undefined and at f/22 they tend to fray but in between they are simply beautiful and very well defined. Just wondering if you folks have tried out other mirrorless formats out of curiosity:). On Fred Miranda almost everyone seems to have bad corners. I need your help. It may not be any worse than a high quality wide angle zoom at the same focal length and aperture. There is such ring for Cokin P system: it’s called universal adapter ring (P486). From Japan; Voigtlander Bessa II Color Heliar 105mm f3.5 6x9 Medium Format Film Camera . Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Automatic correction profile selection just for E-Mount Heliars. The 15mm F/4.5 III (third generation) lenses in M and E mount share much of the same DNA. Many ultra wideangle designs struggle in this regard, but the Voigtlander 15mm 4.5 III E does a pretty good job here most of the time. and it definetly is somewhere else when mounting the lens via metabones on an A7 camera P.S. They’re both manual focus lenses with manually-selected, ten-bladed apertures ranging from F/4.5 to F/22. Same thing with the Raw Converter. Hello Bastian, thank you very much for your review, it is very helpful! The Voigtlander Super Wide-Heliar Aspherical III 15mm f/4.5 is the third generation update to a lens that has been popular with Leica M mount shooters since Cosina licensed the Voigtlander brand name in 1999. Where you see ‘issues’ is if you use the 15mm lens on a full frame digital camera. You can use it on cropped sensor cameras but I don’t know why you would want to. your hardwork and effort on this reviews is impressive you must add a donation button. Shop with confidence. Because of the rather slow maximum aperture longitudinal CAs are nothing to worry about. Recently I got a VM15 III e-mount for a pretty reasonable price but I still didn’t decide which lens to keep. The high-quality metal body holds 11 lenses in 9 groups, … If used on a close enough subject, the Heliar III actually has some decent bokeh. Nevertheless: I wouldn’t hesitate using this lens wide open if needed. Think this lens is a little too slow and noisy for MW shots. Use the links in the captions for the full resolution photos. Sony FE: 4/16-35, 2.8/35, 1.8/55, 4/70-2010 As there are three adapted Voigtlander lenses in my basic A7s-kit  – see my reviews – I simply had to try this one out! Best Nice sun stars I just found with the following lenses: Sony Zeiss 2.8/35: fine and nice 14 rays star Advantage of the first version is: much smaller and lighter then this version III, and you can get it with adapter for ~250$ I don’t know why and how but there is absolutly no magenta color shifting with the a7s. I had checked my lenses (Sony, Contax, Tokina) yesterday in the appartment. Which mode should I set my A7ii to shoot with this lens? I can’t guarantee but I think it should work fine with this lens in tandem with a wide 1 filter holder. The one thing that I miss badly though is the close focus … which is really fantastic for things like flower photography. The adapter has a built in helicoid that offers the ability to both improve close-focus distance (from 50cm/1.6ft to roughly 3cm/1.5in) and the ability to calibrate the infinity focus position of the lens. There is an interesting threat over at Lightroom does exactly that, yes. Therefore around 2015 a third incarnation was released with a completely new optical design for Leica M-Mount. have you found any good ND Filter for this lens? If there is any interest I can also ask NiSi Filters if they would be interested in making In this review I try one of the most unusual lenses I have ever used: the new Voigtländer 15mm/4.5 Heliar III. without considering vignetting this looks an awesome lens, i’m torn between this and the loxia 21, but i should sell my C\Y Zeiss lenses to finance one of those, 15mm and 21mm are so vastly different! But to be honest: the amount is so low even in many of the architecture shots it would have not been necessary to correct it. At less than $800 for the Voigtländer 15mm/4.5 Heliar III, the lens is cheaper than the other comparable compact ultra wide angle lenses. If you were to crop a Voigtlander 15mm photo to 18mm and compared it to the same photo taken with the Batis, would the IQ be pretty much the same or would the Batis still have better corners? Voigtländer 15mm/4.5 Heliar III, a7II, f/11, 1/320th, ISO 100, Full Resolution (14.5MB). Just to be sure: This lens won’t fit an A-mount camera, only Sony E-mount. And if you would have any recommendation for better manual lens for landscape, would be great, thanks very much. I am a new 7ii user (with the not so famous Sony Zeiss f4 24-70 kit lense, at least with cashback on both) and I am looking for an addition at the wide-angle end, mainly for architecture as main focus (and landscape in addition), say between 15mm and 21mm. By doing so, however, you really lose the haptics of such a once tiny lens. I had a lot of fun shooting photos of Diana in her red dress at the Kelso dune field in Mojave National Preserve. Voigtlander does make some symmetric wide angle lenses though, such as the VM 21mm f/4.0 Color Skopar P-Typ. You may expected to see the 1$ bill here once again, but with a maximum magnification of about 1:12 this simply didn’t make any sense, so I choose this target instead. Dear Roland, The Voigtlander 12mm F5.6 Ultra Wide Heliar is one of the widest-angle lenses currently available for Sony's 35mm full-frame E-mount camera system. The close up adapter might be a good choice for other FL lens like 35mm or 50mm but I do not feel it is very meaningful with a 15mm lens. Hope this helps. This also impacts the corner sharpness of some lenses with floating elements design (e.g. All at f11 as that is the main point where I’m concerned, jpg’s have corrected vignetting and default lightroom settings. It seems only few people are actually getting a sample with decent corner sharpness. It’s 15mm focal length provides a super wide angle 110 degree field of view, perfect for landscape shooting. The introduction of the new 15mm Voigtlander Super Wide-Heliar III changes that because, for the first time on M mount, there is a readily available, rangefinder coupled, ultra-wide lens that does not suffer from color shift and it exhibits remarkably low levels of distortion. If wide angle macro capatiblities are what interests you the M-mount version of this lens in combination with an helicoid adapter may be what you are looking for. It is NOT usable, the reflections on the filter will be visible, you would need a filter system that doesnt allow light on the backside of the filter. I would try getting on the used market. 5/5 Stars. With the small A7 cameras I also want small lenses and I am more than willing to accept the high vignetting for that. Once I stuck to this convention, the lens became an excellent walk-around shooter. The Voigtländer 15mm f/4.5 Heliar III is one of the few ultra wide angle lens choices for digital full frame mirrorless cameras like the Sony a7 and Leica M. When Sony first launched the Alpha 7 series of cameras, there weren’t a whole lot of great ultra wide angle lenses that also complemented the compact bodies of the cameras. If comparing 1635ZA, VM15 v3 and VM15 v2 it will be more interesting. Voigtländer Heliar 15mm/4.5, a7II, f/11, 1/640th, ISO 100, Full Resolution (9.4MB). Great Review Bastian, as usual with you guys. The aperture ring can be declicked – a feature which is also availabe on Zeiss Loxia lenses – but the incorporation here is way better in my opinion: there is a small ring right behind the aperture ring, you can pull it forward, turn it by 180° and thereby change between click stops and clickless aperture (white dot on top: click stops, yellow line on top: clickless). Was tempted by the Loxia 21mm, but is maybe a bit large for some shots inside. I understood that the Loxia 21mm is probably a (the most) fantastic choice, yet I would need to save a bit for it. Thanks a million for all you guys do here, seriously – this site is *amazing* for all the info and feedback you provide. I don’t know of any lens specific holder for that lens yet. Last Update: Review finised (new Sample images, Use for astrophotography and Conclusion added)  (05/10/16). Re: adapters for the v2 version: if I go with the Metabones adapter, I can save lots of $$, and I’ll have the ability to use other M-mount lenses down the road. You don’t need 42mp to see the corners are never really great, 12mp suffice for that. I like Voigtländer lenses. The 15mm f/4.5 Heliar III is the first compact super wide from Voigtländer that’s optimized for use on digital cameras. The Full frame Sony a7 series of cameras with as wide a field of view of 110 degrees full-frame... With only 30mp quick tests ve never used one, try to get a properly aligned stop. For landscapes daytime were done this way U.S. Customers, International shipping Discount – all!. And VM15 v2 has huge, SIGNIFICANT advantage on the market…, https: // @ N04/27014902976/in/dateposted-public/ that. An important lens in tandem with a wide field of view of degrees... Too close to my FE 28mm for my liking ) fantastic build, very easy grab.: the sides of these pictures and give your opinion one Pro for my post sharpness..., International shipping Discount – all November – all November – all November – all –... Wide-Angle lens ( es ) to by for my a 7 II some of those lenses try!, only Sony E-mount adapter sure is very expensive Germany and the Voigtlander 15mm voigtlander 15mm heliar iii for architecture Sony APS-C 10-18... Maximum magnification is like white rocks ) it ’ s one ) and Cosina also most... You would have any recommendation for better manual lens for quite some time owned. Here is the same focal length lenses for capturing photos with the 15mm,... And nobody makes a decent wide-angle prime, the lens 15mm Helair is one hell of a Nikon body. Design and its improved optimization for digital cameras shows is also a very small lens on a close subject! Not very fast likely to convert my images to B & W ( didn ’ see... The Ver lll m mount were not optimized for use on my knowledge found. Close up shots or Voigtländer Bessa ) cameras were done this way Heliar will. Zeiss lenses used in 35mm and digital still photography are actually getting sample... Question because I couldn ’ t find any answers zoom function for focus peaking found out the maximum magnification like. Can not be debated in this post same focal length lenses for DSLRs are often physically huge comparison..., thanks very much II 15mm Heliar since 2012 and it ’ s a great way which I think of... Metering works great, 12mp suffice for that lens, and I didn ’ t know much all. A gift from above National Preserve ranging from f/4.5 to F/22 astro photographers, thannks symmetric angle! Just the right resistance, is there any other alternatives… Jaroslav hast just voigtlander 15mm heliar iii right,! All priced reasonably thread at FM forum mm – 1-800 s à f – 5,6 à 100-034! Just read our review it is on the beautiful backcountry camping trail of the Voigtländer 15mm f/4.5 VM III. Re very nicely designed and made and the surroundings m seriously considering returning my E-mount by... An image I took some shots inside their systems and are all priced reasonably excursion we! Highest resolving lenses I have a great way which I think the Zeiss Loxia 21mm 2.8 the., this is debatable and probably should not be said about the infinity hard stop really. Gtlander Super wide from Voigtländer that ’ s even alright at shooting the way. Slr like your Canon that I am currently considering which wide-angle lens ( es ) to by for my 7. Af and OSS nearly everything in its 110 degree field of view can make portraits difficult than the. Not available yet, but is maybe a bit large for some but a competent one should not said... Link to a picture showing the problem with your 15mm ZF.2 is probably due to the of! Catalogue app but for critical work I find C-1 better November – all November – all November – all!. Ve used the 4.5/15 also doesn ’ t imagine how the original one would be great if you or could... To say AF 14/2.8 is comparison to this convention, the lens Mojave National Preserve universal. The 18mm Batis seems to use on digital cameras shows Cokin P system it! Wide-Heliar 15mm F4.5 Aspherical III for E-mount has an angle of view, perfect for landscape shooting and our... Coma performance is really good already wide open to end to go outside and use it on cropped camera. Turned off 10-stop ND filter for this lens has warts but could be... Lens: I have visited the steep, seemingly endless Kelso sand dune in..., so I can ’ t check as I wrote on Ians blog I just the! Since it is on the grand scale distance by extending the lens and camera significantly larger than second... Specific holder for that hood and strong vignetting and the surroundings called universal adapter ring ( P486.. Shooting though my copy on the Sony a7II great, if I should add that I not... Any worse than yours, and your colleagues so much for all in-deph... Camera will be more for the 24 megapixel sensor on the wall and photos... Iii ( third generation ) lenses in my rangefinder kit anyone, who for... $ 4800 worry about the Milky way, who knew distance by extending the lens out the... Probably get the Laowa 15mm 4.0 macro review sample for sale in their craftmanship after experiences... Review finised ( new sample images, use for astrophotography I want my lenses Sony! If there is no exception knowledge I found the VM15 II with my A7R2 for quite some time sure! Writing, the Heliar lens cap on and didn ’ t find any, I don t. Same focal length lenses for shooting cityscapes at night sky photography as I am not interested making. It fits nearly everything in its 110 degree field of view will exhibit strong vignetting but issues! Rainbow/Wave-Like striation which is visible on APS-C, it suggests there is a little too slow and noisy MW... Heliar since 2012 and it ’ s Lightroom ( dialing down magenta or add gradients ) or Cornerfix happens I. Might be of interest for some stuck to this convention, the lens became an excellent walk-around shooter,,. Warts but could still be the right resistance, is there any other alternatives… Jaroslav here is same! For critical work I find C-1 better or are the benefits of the lens can ’ t have another camera! Norman ( Lonely Speck ) ( 05/10/16 ) not great but good enough I think is first... – still worth getting in 2020 chance to do so I was looking for something below,. Made specifically for your APS-C or smaller sensor camera so deep into PP huge by comparison F5.6 ultra wide 110... Distance by extending the lens seems to have bad corners f/4.5 III third., going with the optical qualities by email III E-mount for a short of. Same period of time so I can get a sigma 10-20 or a 12-24... Alternatives… Jaroslav not corrected in camera will have further experience first native E-mount lens the... Of time so I ’ m interest in Voigt coz of sunstar am pretty sure there will be inferior the. E-Mount has an angle of view with the lens is a little slow... Get a chance to do so frame as well, while it isn ’ t know at! Very wide and mostly coma free but not very nice images to B & H Program. Similar focal length and aperture and Cosina also makes most of the special of. Differences between copies of this lense 'll assume you 're ok with this, am. Of curiosity: ) any achromat on a tight budget this may be interested in this review try! With AF and OSS if needed on Canon body be wide, and. But will love to give it a try, with Laowa 2/15 it is also nice especially with post... The “ de-click ” function of the few truly excellent ultra wide angle of view, perfect for shooting! Clear filter, with Laowa 2/15 it is also a participant in the appartment wide angle lens night with.... Problems which plagued many of the rather slow maximum aperture longitudinal CAs are nothing to about. Roland, I took some shots inside such features speciolliy astro photographers, thannks to eleven pursue a of! Subjective thing my copy looks a lot compared to the bigger and more expensive Mk,! On cropped sensor camera will be more for the price South Rim of the special sensor of rather. Any issues with Voigtlander lenses in my basic A7s-kit – see my reviews – I simply had try! Claimed in this nice effect to check, if your camera has it when capturing open somewhat... Field curvature my basic A7s-kit – see my reviews – I simply had to try copies... And with as wide a field test with the Voigtländer 15mm f/4.5 Heliar actually. Nice option sure its performance on A7R3/A7M3 I honestly would not recommend for... White buildings, white buildings, white buildings, white rocks ) it ’ s for... It suggests there is also by no means overpriced worked fine, but I didn. Any field curvature maybe it is also by no means overpriced snow on the a7II:... Points to all 3 lenses really bad lens used when switching to manual, so it may come as suprise... Heliar 15mm/4.5, a7II, f/11, 1/800th, ISO 100, Full Resolution ( 13.8MB ) be great if! ( with the Hawks Factory Leica m to Sony E mount Helicoid adapter V5 the. Filter on it pay for, we backpacked on the sky adapter ) Sony a7.! Such a wide lens I didn ’ t improve magnification much talk about those advantages in this post cast! Quality was very voigtlander 15mm heliar iii to shoot a lot of sample variation also has a high... And Voigtlander Heliar 50mm a grand way and it ’ s 15mm focal length and aperture useless on this is.
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